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Slightly  set back from the Loire, the Bourgueil appellation covers 1,400 hectares, over a mosaic of terroirs between clay, limestone, sand and gravel.  

Deep and full, our Bourgueil wines are made from 100% Cabernet Franc grape variety.

Pairing perfectly with red meats, white meat, cheeses (Sainte-Maure) and red fruits, the wines of the appellation will satisfy all gourmets.

Portrait Thomas Pichet vignes AOC Bougueil vins
A very educational (and tasty) weekend can be had if you explore the wine region of the Ok

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On the banks of the Vienne, the Chinon appellation covers 2,300 hectares, between countryside, hills and plains. Known as the Rabelais wine, when it is red, it is the Cabernet Franc which will give it structure and power.

In white, it is the Chenin, lively, delicate and fragrant, which will bring it all its typicity.  

We also produce a natural sparkling wine made using the ancestral method and made from 100% Cabernet Franc. 

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